Premium Oil Change Service in Durham is an Exceptional Benefit for Your Mercedes-Benz

While all routine maintenance is key to the long-term vitality of your vehicle in the Raleigh area, your oil change service is one of the most important to keep up with--and one of the riskiest to ignore.

But, with a premium, professional full-service facility located on-site, Mercedes-Benz of Durham makes it easy to keep up with car care in Chapel Hill, Morrisville, and Hillsborough.

Why Engine Oil is Vital to Engine Performance

While engine oil seems like a rather simple fluid, this liquid gold is essential in keeping your engine working at an optimal temperature and at best performance. The oil starts in a reservoir and is pumped out and throughout the interior of the engine. By moving through the system, the oil lubricates moving components, and can help to regulate temperature--cooling hot metal as it runs and warming cold equipment in cooler weather.

Well-oiled components run smoother, providing a quieter and more comfortable ride quality, and can even boost your fuel economy and lower your emissions. As the engine oil completes its cycle and returns to the reservoir, it passes through an oil filter that grabs away any dirt, debris, or particles. This final step is important, because it prevents the build-up of sludge and prevents corrosion and rust.

However, that final step is also the reason that oil changes are so critical to your engine's performance and lifespan.

Why It's Important to Get Your Oil & Filter Changed

When you get your oil changed by professionals, the old oil and filter--and all of the accumulated particles and grime that comes along with it--gets removed and appropriately disposed of. We add new, vehicle-appropriate synthetic or conventional engine oil, replace the oil filter with a new product, and when we're done, you'll be ready for another few thousand miles of driving.

Everyone knows that changing your oil on time is important--but when life gets busy, it can be tempting to quietly push it to the back burner and plan to do it another day. However, putting off your oil change for too long can be terrible for your engine.

That's why we offer oil change coupons and incentives for drivers in the Raleigh area to come in and get the work done. It's fast, affordable, and easy; you can even schedule an oil change online from the comfort of home or the convenience of your office.


Oil Change Service: Frequently-Asked Questions

Do I really need to change my oil every 3,000 miles?

While oil change intervals vary by brand, and even by model, there are very few vehicles that actually require their oil to be changed on such a conservative schedule. Mercedes-Benz vehicles recommend a 10,000-mile oil change interval; other brands tend to recommend 5,000 - 7,500 intervals. Please check your owner's manual or ask an expert.

How much is an oil change at a car dealership?

Oil change costs are not fixed--they may vary in price by location, by brand, and by oil change type. At Mercedes-Benz of Durham, we offer oil change specials frequently to help you save money.

What's the difference between synthetic oil and conventional oil?

Synthetic engine oil is refined--as conventional oil is--but it is then distilled and actually gets broken down into basic molecules; this makes it a cleaner form of oil with less impurities, and makes it possible for synthetic motor oil to be customized for modern engines. It can also perform better in extreme temperatures.

What's the nearest oil change service center to me?

Mercedes-Benz of Durham is conveniently located near Raleigh, and we offer full oil change services for all makes and models.

Can I change my oil myself?

Absolutely, if you're willing to learn the ropes and get your hands a little dirty. Our parts department is well-stocked with oil change kits, oil filters, motor oil, and pans to help you be fully prepared for DIY work at home.

**Oil changes for Model years 2008 and older 


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