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  • Josh Vaughn
    General Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    The road traveled for NADA Academy student, Joshua Vaughn, is as impressive as his most recent accolade from Automotive News, Top 40 Under 40 Retail.

    Not long after graduating from Wingate University with a degree in Business Administration, Vaughn found himself in the market for a new car.  He reached out to a good friend with a prior employment history with Hendrick Automotive Group.  After a quick test drive, Vaughn left with a job application instead of the usual credit application.

    Josh Vaughn joined the Hendrick Automotive Group in 2001 as a sales associate for Hendrick Acura in Charlotte, NC.  He quickly became a top performer and was named a Presidents' Club Award winner his first full year.  Vaughn was then promoted to finance producer (EPPIE Award achiever) and then on to Pre-Owned Manager (Elite Department) at Hendrick Acura where he enjoyed a decade of success.

    In 2011, Josh was promoted to General Manager of Performance Acura, located in Chapel Hill, NC.  There, he earned the manufacturers top award (Acura Dealership of Distinction) three consecutive years.  Their store also enjoyed the distinction of being named Hendrick Champions two of those years. Not stopping there, Performance Acura was also recognized by Automotive News as one of the Best Dealerships to Work For in 2013 and 2014.

    Vaughn was recently offered a new opportunity in October 2015, as General Manager of Mercedes-Benz of Durham.

    Josh is married with two children. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, music, and golf.

  • Dan Scallion
    Sales Manager
    (888) 719-6983

  • Ryan Gury
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager
    (888) 719-6983

  • Mostafa Abouauf
    Business Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    Mostafa Abouauf is one of the rock star finance managers throughout Hendrick Automotive. His energy and passion for what he does has placed him at the top of many rankings within the luxury group and has earned him endless respect from his peers.

    Mostafa was born in Washington D.C. where he visits as often as he can. He has also lived in Texas, which is where he was working when he transferred to Mercedes-Benz of Durham in October 2014. Mostafa currently calls Apex, NC his home.

    With a real passion for the water, Mostafa spends much of his free time in his boat on the lake. You might also find him researching his favorite vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

  • Daniel Scarlett
    Business Manager
    (888) 719-6983

  • Cameron Johnson
    Service Manager
    (888) 719-6983


    Cameron has been with Mercedes-Benz of Durham since October, 2014 and was recently promoted to Service Manager. When he isn't working, Cameron loves to spend time with his wife, riding ATV's, camping or hanging out with friends.


                         Cameron's Hours

                    Mon:   7:30am to 6:30pm
                    Tue:    7:30am to 6:30pm
                    Wed:   7:30am to 6:30pm
                 Thu:    7:30am to 6:30pm
                 Fri:      7:30am to 6:30pm
                 Sat:     9:00am to 5:00pm
                 Sun:    CLOSED

  • Brian Fleming
    Sprinter Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Brian Laird
    Parts Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    Parts Manager Brian Laird was born in Texas, which is evident once you spark up a conversation with him. His accent is a dead giveaway. He lived there most of his life in Texas before taking on the opportunity to open a brand new Mercedes-Benz store from scratch in Durham, North Carolina.

    Brian claims that he isn't that interesting, but once you meet his wife and son, you quickly realize that he lives for his family. Which makes him abundantly interesting. They have a home in Graham, NC where they enjoy going to the movies, being involved in Boy Scouts or packing up and heading to the beach.

    Brian loves any Mexican or Italian restaurant, so be sure to ask him to visit Los Tres Magueyes when you get a chance.

    Brian's favorite Mercedes-Benz is the CLS. It's a lot like him, low profile, but with a big motor and style and class to spare.

  • Tracey Elkins
    Warranty Administrator
    (888) 719-6983

    Mercedes-Benz of Durham Warranty Administrator, Tracey Elkins, has pretty much only known the car business. Aside from a brief hiatus to work in a daycare, Tracey has set aside her paralegal degree to pursue success driving the behind-the-scenes workload for multiple dealerships in the Triangle.

    Tracey grew up in Chapel Hill where she attended East Chapel Hill High School.

    Interestingly, a teacup pig named Titan consumes most of Tracey's free time. He loves to cuddle and to pester her.

    Tracey recently bought land north of Raleigh. Her weekends often consist of cleaning up brush and preparing to build a home with her fiance.

    Like many people who work for Hendrick Automotive, Tracey likes that the daily culture involves growing from within and making inclusiveness is a priority. She's met Mr. Hendrick several times and appreciates that he is so personable with everybody. As she so eloquently put, "go team Hendrick!"

    Once you get to know Tracey, you'll find someone with a true zest for life. A cancer survivor and cheerleader for everyone, she is frequently referred to as the glue that holds Mercedes-Benz of Durham together.

  • Miguel Vargas
    Inventory Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    Miguel Vargas has been with Team Hendrick and Mercedes-Benz of Durham since December, 2014. Miguel began his career with the Mercedes-Benz team as a porter, and is one of the hardest working and most humble members of our staff.

    Miguel's role as Inventory Specialist involves getting each new and Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz and off makes through the system. He gets the process of inspections, repairs and detailing started and then makes sure they end up on the lot in the right place, looking premium for the customers.

    Miguel has five siblings, all of which have worked for the Hendrick organization.

    Outside of Hendrick, Miguel is also in the Air Force Reserve. He signed up in 2011 and went to boot camp in 2012. He is currently serving as the secretary for the Commander.

    One of Miguel's favorite things about working at Hendrick is the people. He enjoys the interactions with his peers and management, which is something he says he has not always experienced in the past.

    His Favorite Car is the C63 S. For Miguel it is the perfect car because it is the perfect size. He also loves that it is an AMG and rides so smoothly.

  • Kris Kauserud
    Service Advisor
    (888) 719-6983

  • Daniel Rollins
    Service Advisor
    (888) 719-6983

  • John Hall
    Service Advisor
    (888) 719-6983

  • Cory Schwengel
    Parts Advisor
    (888) 719-6983


    Cory is a transplant to Durham, North Carolina by way of Decatur, Illinois. His wife was accepted at Duke, and he proudly followed her south.

    Cory's journey into the automotive business began long before he landed near the home of the Blue Devils. He had a brief stint at AutoZone before he worked in the parts department of an Illinois Toyota dealership, for which he worked for about three years.   

    Cory found his job through and has been working the parts counter since Mercedes-Benz of Durham's opening month.

    Working for the Hendrick Automotive Group has been exciting for Cory. But getting to meet Mr. Hendrick? Unforgettable. Cory grew up watching NASCAR and has long since been a fan of Hendrick Motorsports. 

    Cory brags about the time he's spent working at Mercedes-Benz of Durham. He talks openly about the family atmosphere and how much he enjoys the dealership mentality. 

    His favorite car? The C63 AMG Black Series. He loves the top of the line equipment that comes with the AMG. Oh and not to mention, it's fast.

    Stop in to meet Cory Schwengel, and discover what makes Mercedes-Benz of Durham stand out from the competition.

                             Cory's Hours

                                     Mon:    7:00am to 5:00pm
                                       Tue:    7:00am to 5:00pm
                                      Wed:    7:00am to 5:00pm 
                            Thu:    7:00am to 5:00pm
                              Fri:    7:00am to 5:00pm
       Sat:    OFF
             Sun:    CLOSED

  • William Boone
    Wholesale Parts Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    William (Will) Boone has lived in Durham, NC since 2012. He brings a lot of experience to Mercedes-Benz of Durham. Working as a General Manager of an Advance Auto Parts for a decade, the skills he learned are invaluable to his work as a Wholesale Parts Specialist.

    When Will isn't hustling behind the parts counter, he's spending time at home with his wife and five beautiful children (four girls and one boy). He will occasionally get everyone out of the house to go bowling, but if not he's content spending time indoors cooking for his family.

    Will also likes the simple things in life, like a Red Robin hamburger.

  • Gary Kirby
    Parts Delivery Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Every store should have a Gary Kirby on their staff. He may be part time, but the impact he's left on this world is still working full-time.

    Born in North Carolina and living in Graham, Gary has also worked in emergency services and public safety. He's worked for Aeromed and in the United States Coast Guard.

    We asked Gary to tell us something interesting interesting about himself, his answer was amazing: "I have been through several hurricanes on a small boat performing at-sea rescues. I am constructing a genealogy of hundreds of predecessors. I once dated the Jamaican ambassador to the USA's daughter. I lived on an Island for 4 years and fished and surfed the Outer Banks. I have swam alone with dolphins including a baby dolphin that was extremely curious. I have been on hundreds of rescue calls at sea and been involved in hundreds of med flights. I worked with all branches of advanced medicine in life saving ops. I worked and stayed aboard a 70 foot sailboat. I volunteered and worked after 4 different landfall hurricanes across North Carolina and Mississippi."

    Our next question is to everyone reading this. What have you done with your life?

  • Luis Vargas
    Service Assistant
    (888) 719-6983

  • Sarah Ramos
    Service Assistant
    (888) 719-6983

  • Luis Guadalupe
    Inventory Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Seth Williford
    (888) 719-6983

  • Carlos Briceno Dubon
    (888) 719-6983

  • Veronica Vargas-Guadalupe
    Guest Services Representative

  • Frida Vargas
    Guest Services Representative
    (888) 719-6983

  • Shela Lawton
    Guest Services Representative
    (888) 719-6983

    Shela Lawton is a self proclaimed "beach bum," from Wilmington, North Carolina. She reluctantly gave up the sand and sun to begin her collegiate adventures at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2011. But this area will never be too far away from her heart, as her grandparents will live in Wilmington and her parents live in Elizabethtown.

    The car business hasn't always been on the docket for Shela. She had a brief stint as a teacher in Atlanta, GA following graduation, but the Carolina Blue skies called her back home.

    She might be small in stature, but Shela has a big appetite for life, and food. When she isn't seeking out another adventure with her fellow guest services friends, or cooking with her Easy Bake oven, you might find her at Lucha Tigre, a latin-asian fusion restaurant in Chapel Hill. She recommends the pollo saltado or the honey-chipotle chicken and waffles.

    When asked about her favorite car, Shela couldn't give us a straight answer. She loves the GLK based on its boxy body style, which reminds her of a Jeep. She also loves the E 300, which is the smoothest car she's ever driven.

  • Noor Nasser
    Guest Services Representative

  • Katie Cavnar
    Marketing Director

    When you purchase a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, there is always something to learn. Automotive technology moves at a rapid pace and many of those changes can be difficult to figure out without some guidance. Enter Product Concierge, Katie Fletcher. 

    Katie's primary focus at Mercedes-Benz of Durham is to teach our clients about their newly purchased vehicles. To some that may not be a big deal, but to others, the chance to sit down with a professional is an opportunity to unlock all of the potential behind that German engineering. Whether they need to learn about the blind spot assist, the park assist, or just how to use the air conditioner, Katie is there for the long haul. 

    Having the opportunity to work with clients after the "stressful part" of the car buying process over is a perk for Katie. She admits that seeing clients light up when she shows them something unexpected is fun for her, too. 

    Katie moved to the East Coast when she was twenty-one. She loves spending time with her seven-year-old border collie, lab mix dog, whom she admits is the "sassiest dog (she's) ever met in her life." Katie also enjoys kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and cooking. However, she freely admits she is not nearly as good of a cook as Josh Vaughn, the General Manager at Mercedes-Benz of Durham.

    Hendrick Automotive strives to build a team atmosphere, and Katie fits perfectly into the role of a great teammate. She reciprocates that support with kind words about everyone else around her. Which is what made Katie the perfect candidate for the April, Best of the Best Award. Every month, Mercedes-Benz of Durham selects one individual who exemplifies excellence and awards them with a cash bonus. 

    Katie's favorite car is the C 63 S Coupe. She loves the speed and size and admits it's just a sporty and fun car. We can see her driving one.

  • Rob Clark
    (888) 719-6983

  • Monica Brown
    Sales Assistant
    (888) 719-6983

  • Daniel DeBrecht
    Product Specialist


    Daniel joined Team Hendrick in October 2014 after leaving his job as a restaurant manager in Durham, NC. Having no idea what to expect, Daniel took a chance and is now a shining star within the company. 

    Proof of this came when Daniel's personality and drive caught the attention of management and he was selected for a nation-wide Customer Service Laureate award. The honor included a trip to Germany with 31 other Mercedes-Benz employees across the United States.

    In his free time DeBrecht enjoys working out, playing basketball and mountain biking. Overall, he considers himself to be an "outdoorsy type."


                          Daniel's Hours

                    Mon:   8:00am to 7:00pm
                    Tue:    8:00am to 7:00pm
                    Wed:   8:00am to 7:00pm
                 Thu:    OFF
                 Fri:      8:00am to 7:00pm
                 Sat:     8:00am to 6:00pm
                 Sun:    CLOSED

  • Marcus Riddick
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Introducing Mercedes-Benz of Durham Product Specialist, Marcus Riddick.

    Marcus came to Mercedes-Benz after nine years at Ace Hardware. He really enjoyed the family-like atmosphere with his Ace family, but was ready for a new challenge. Marcus mentions how the Hendrick Automotive family has embraced him and how he has thrived in this culture.

    In his spare time, Marcus loves to play basketball and tinker with his new Jeep.

    Come meet Marcus and the rest of the Mercedes-Benz of Durham team!

  • Alex Ward
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Jeremy Philson
    Product Specialist

  • Tyler Brown
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Tyler Brown was born in Bialystok, Poland and was adopted by a family in New Jersey. Tyler admits his adopted family is where he gets all of his energy and passion.

    Tyler lived in the Adirondack Mountains of New York for most of his life, where he played hockey and skied almost every day. He moved to Cary, NC in January of 2017 to start a new chapter in his life.

    Before accepting his "dream job" at Mercedes-Benz of Durham, Tyler worked at a Four Diamond Resort for seven years and then transitioned into selling diesel fuel and gasoline to commercial properties and propane to residences.

    Tyler married in wife, Monica in July of 2007, she speaks four languages and is the owner of an all-natural cosmetics company.

    Outside of work, you can find Tyler playing pickleball and walking through the Sarah P. Duke Gardens with his wife. He is also working on a fun book about overcoming failure and growing in leadership for men.

    In a short amount of time in the Triangle, Tyler has managed to narrow down his favorite places to eat. He loves Another Broken Egg Cafe, Which Wich sandwiches, and Town Hall Burgers.

    Since being a Product Specialist at Mercedes-Benz of Durham is Tylers dream gig, then it's only natural that his favorite car is the C 43 Convertible with the exhaust package. What's not to love about having the top down, singing loud, and making noise?

    We asked Tyler if there is anything interesting people should know about him. This is his response: "I believe in going to work because you want to be there instead of going because you have to be there. Being part of the Hendrick Automotive Group ensures that I get the support and drive to show up always excited to change the world!

    I am working hard on becoming a local celebrity, so go ahead and follow me @NCMercedesGuy on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for feature videos, cat pictures, and other fun Mercedes topics!"

  • Benjamin Ealy
    Product Specialist

  • Liam Davitt
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Greg Fusco
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Tyre Dancy
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Marty Sigmund
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Seth Williams
    (888) 719-6983

  • Matt Logan
    (888) 719-6983

  • Denis Germanowski
    (888) 719-6983

  • Doug Benton
    (888) 719-6983

    Doug is a golfing enthusiast, to the point of obsession, some might say. 

    Recently, Doug joined the Mercedes-Benz of Durham team in the Joe Lomax charity golf tournament hosted by Micheal and Son. We all got to witness to power of his pink shirt first hand. His golf game was OK, too.

    Doug's primary role as the internal technician is to service any pre-owned vehicles before they hit the lot for sale. There is tremendous value in having someone dedicated to this position, and Doug is the perfect person for the job.

    When Doug isn't at work, he's probably enjoying a concert or cheering on his favorite teams. He's a huge fan of Penn State, Duke and the Tennessee Titans. But most of all, Doug loves golf.

    The Gullwing is his favorite car. He loves the movie star vibe and appeal. 

    Doug also loves golf.

  • Cameron Miller
    (888) 719-6983

  • T.J. Crowder
    (888) 719-6983

  • Jeffrey Mueller
    (888) 719-6983

  • Kyle Suon
    (888) 719-6983

    Mercedes-Benz of Durham introduces Kyle Suon, Service Technician.

    Kyle moved to Durham from Roanoke Virginia due to medical reasons for his daughter. His wife found a job first and then he landed at Mercedes-Benz of Durham.

    Before Kyle got into cars, he was about 6-months from joining the military. He learned he has a real passion for the automotive industry and especially enjoys cars the faster they go.

    Kyle loves the E63 Wagon, but admits it isn't his favorite car. He is currently in love with the 300SL. Who can blame him?

    When he isn't at work, Kyle loves tinkering with computers, playing video games and being outside with his family.

    Mercedes-Benz of Durham is located at the Southpoint Automall in Durham, NC.

  • Jose Vargas
    (888) 719-6983

  • Alex Randall
    (888) 719-6983

  • Todd Wester
    (888) 719-6983

  • Jeff Wallace
    (888) 719-6983

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