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  • Josh Vaughn
    General Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    The road traveled for NADA Academy student, Joshua Vaughn, is as impressive as his most recent accolade from Automotive News, Top 40 Under 40 Retail.

    Not long after graduating from Wingate University with a degree in Business Administration, Vaughn found himself in the market for a new car.  He reached out to a good friend with a prior employment history with Hendrick Automotive Group.  After a quick test drive, Vaughn left with a job application instead of the usual credit application.

    Josh Vaughn joined the Hendrick Automotive Group in 2001 as a sales associate for Hendrick Acura in Charlotte, NC.  He quickly became a top performer and was named a Presidents' Club Award winner his first full year.  Vaughn was then promoted to finance producer (EPPIE Award achiever) and then on to Pre-Owned Manager (Elite Department) at Hendrick Acura where he enjoyed a decade of success.

    In 2011, Josh was promoted to General Manager of Performance Acura, located in Chapel Hill, NC.  There, he earned the manufacturers top award (Acura Dealership of Distinction) three consecutive years.  Their store also enjoyed the distinction of being named Hendrick Champions two of those years. Not stopping there, Performance Acura was also recognized by Automotive News as one of the Best Dealerships to Work For in 2013 and 2014.

    Vaughn was recently offered a new opportunity in October 2015, as General Manager of Mercedes-Benz of Durham.

    Josh is married with two children. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, music, and golf.

  • Ryan Gury
    Sales Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    Ryan was born in Raleigh, and has lived here most of his life, so he hasn't wandered far from home. He's got a tremendous passion for cars, which led him to join the industry as soon as he graduated high school, and he knew he was home. He's been with the brand for over six years. He's just about done it all; he's been a sales associate, Product Concierge, Inventory Manager, and now a Pre-Owned Sales Manager.

    He stays incredibly busy outside of work. He loves rock climbing, hiking with his dog Lucy, trivia on Tuesdays, spending time at the beach, and trying craft beer. His new favorite is working on his Raptor. When he was asked to tell us about his favorite Mercedes-Benz, he couldn't choose between the E63 Wagon and the 6x6 G Wagon. Both solid choices; we couldn't pick between them either.

  • Sarah Baily
    Business Manager

    Sarah Baily is one of our shining stars on our Finance team. She has been with Hendrick Automotive Group for 4 years, and in the industry for over 15 years, saying many times she can't even imagine a life without the car industry in it. She's held many positions throughout her career, from Executive Assistant to Sales Manager, and has recently rejoined our team as a Business Manager.

    She was born and raised in Ambler, PA, and has been in North Carolina for 6 years. The Pennsylvania accent hasn't gone away though, just catch her saying "water" or "gas." Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, she's a die hard Philadelphia sports fan, and I mean, she's about as dedicated as it gets. Sarah is a huge advocate for Ovarian Cancer Awareness, and the month of September, she wears her teal as much as she can. Sarah and her husband Wade have three kids- Kaylee, Briar, and Wyatt, two dogs- Yola and Dixie, and one pony named Jack. They are quite the horse loving family, so when she's free, she's usually at the barn or at a horse show.

  • Moose Qomaq
    Business Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    Moose joined our team in August 2019. He is from Jordan. Moose has been with Hendrick Automotive Group since 2012. He loves the Mercedes-Benz brand and decided to make the move to this dealership. He enjoys making the client experience unforgettable. Moose appreciates how all the teammates truly take care and support one another. 

    Outside of work, Moose enjoys watching the Dallas Cowboys, grilling, and spending time with his son. Something interesting about Moose is that he speaks Arabic and is Circassian. 

    Moose's favorite vehicle is the 1965 Mercedes 220 SE and Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing. We are happy to have Moose on our team! 

  • Cameron Johnson
    Service Manager
    (888) 719-6983


    Cameron has been with Mercedes-Benz of Durham since October, 2014 and was recently promoted to Service Manager. When he isn't working, Cameron loves to spend time with his wife, riding ATV's, camping or hanging out with friends.

  • Jack Sheridan
    Parts Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    Jack joined our team in August 2019. He is from Millerton, N.Y. Jack relocated and always wanted to be part of the Mercedes and Hendrick brand. As a Service Advisor he enjoyed assisting clients with any issues or questions they may have related to their vehicle. He enjoys learning all aspects of this industry. Jack has been able to move up fairly quickly and is now the Parts Manager. 

    Outside of work, Jack enjoys watching his two daughters grow. His family means everything to him. His wife has been his best friend since they were children!

    Jack's favorite vehicle is the GLE 63 S. We are happy to have Jack on our team! 

  • Noor Nasser
    Relationship Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    Noor joined our team in October 2016 solely on a desire to change industries. Turns out, she loves the car industry and seems to have a knack for it. She started out with us part time, but quickly climbed the ladder and is now heading up our community and relationship programs. She dives deep into client relations as well, making sure all of our clients are fully satisfied with their visit.

    Noor dedicates a lot of time to us. She's an incredibly loyal friend so she spends a good amount of time with her friends. She's also in school, so that occupies a lot of her free time, pursuing a degree in Psychology and Biology and hoping to become a Physician Assistant. Noor's got a lot of plates to juggle but she's doing awesome and we love having her on the team.

  • Pamela Berfet
    Regional Human Resources Manager

  • Dan Pajerski
    Inventory Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    Dan joined our team in February 2020. He is from Holly Springs, NC. Initially, Dan's main responsibility was to help our clients understand how to use the features in their vehicle. He enjoys forming those relationships and being helpful. Now, Dan has made his way up to Inventory Manager and is enjoying learning the ropes of the daily operations!  Dan always wanted to be in the car industry. His passion for European cars made it easy to choose Mercedes-Benz. Dan loves his teammates and a lot of them have become unforgettable friends. He believes Hendrick is an organization that truly cares about the team. 

    Outside of work, Dan enjoys photography, skateboarding, hiking, mountain biking, driving, and playing guitar. His family is so important to him because they have always been so supportive no matter what. Dan's greatest passion is automotive photography, which  he hopes to make a career out of it one day. 

    Dan's favorite vehicle is the 190 E Cosworth EVO2 and CLK 63 AMG Black Series. We are happy to have him on our team! 

  • Brenson Brewer
    Inventory Assistant
    (888) 719-6983

  • Marsalis Simms
    Inventory Assistant
    (888) 719-6983

    Marsalis joined our team in February 2020. He is from Raleigh, NC. Marsalis has an interest in Mercedes-Benz and is excited for his future with this brand. He hopes to continue to grow and have a career in the automotive industry. He has recently become part of our Inventory team and is enjoying growing with the company.  Marsalis loves the Hendrick organization and appreciates the team always making sure everyone is taken care of. 

    Outside of work, Marsalis enjoys working on cars, listening to music, and playing sports. He also likes spending time with his Aunt and two dogs he has at home. Marsalis's favorite Mercedes-Benz vehicle is the E 63 AMG W211. We are happy to have him on our team! 

  • Josh Schwartzman
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Josh joined our team in May 2019 after pursuing a degree in supply chain management from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. As an enthusiast of the Mercedes-Benz brand he knew there was only one place to go. The experience comes along with the procurement and ownership of a client's Mercedes-Benz vehicle is what is most important to Josh. Whether it is your first or twentieth, the experience should be one of ease, fun, and trust. Outside of work, Josh enjoys riding motorcycles, cooking, working on cars, and attending car shows. 

    Josh's favorite vehicles are the 300 SEL 6.3, 600 Grosser, and the E63 AMG Wagon. We are happy to have Josh on our team! 

  • Jacob Downer
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Jacob joined our team in 2019. He has a passion for selling vehicles. Jacob is from Maine. Interestingly enough, Jacob was in a Degree program that partnered with the Hendrick organization and soon enough made the move to join Hendrick Mercedes-Benz of Durham. Jacob enjoys making his clients' happy and loves working with his teammates on a daily basis. 

    Outside of work, Jacob enjoys anything in the automotive and motorcycle industry. He also enjoys hiking and playing video games. Jacob also enjoys spending time with his wife, Madison. 

    Jacob's favorite Mercedes-Benz vehicle is the E 63 S. We are happy to have Jacob on our team! 

  • Jon Choi
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Jon joined our team in July 2020. He is from South Korea. He enjoys his position as a Product Specialist because he enjoys hearing the clients' wants and needs and helping them find the perfect vehicle. He wanted to join the team based off of the great things he has heard about Mercedes-Benz of Durham and the Hendrick Organization. He loves his team because they are always there for him. 

    Outside of work, Jon enjoys playing golf and fishing. His favorite vehicle is the GLE. We are happy to have Jon on our team! 

  • Isaac Ashford
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Roderick Longino
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Grayson Dixon
    Product Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Brian Fleming
    Sprinter Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Brian moved down to Durham in 2004 from the DC area as a regional sales manager for a national truck equipment manufacturer. He has over 20 years of experience in the commercial vehicle market, so naturally Mercedes-Benz of Durham had to have him join our team as our Sprinter Specialist.

    Brian's biggest priority is his family, spending the majority of his time off with them. He and his son are really close, and they love to go out and golf together as well as other sports. Brian enjoys cooking, especially grilling with his friends and family.

  • William Boone
    Wholesale Account Manager
    (888) 719-6983

    William (Will) Boone has lived in Durham, NC since 2012. He brings a lot of experience to Mercedes-Benz of Durham. Working as a General Manager of an Advance Auto Parts for a decade, the skills he learned are invaluable to his work as a Wholesale Account Manager for the entire Southpoint Automall.

    When Will isn't hustling with us, he's spending time at home with his wife and five beautiful children (four girls and one boy). He will occasionally get everyone out of the house to go bowling, but if not he's content spending time indoors cooking for his family.

    Will also likes the simple things in life, like a Red Robin hamburger.

  • Shannon Combs
    Parts Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Shannon joined our team in February 2019. She is so happy to be part of the team. She enjoys getting our clients excited about our brand! She also enjoys working in our parts department and thrives doing so. 

    Outside of work, Shannon enjoys reading and going to the beach whenever she can. She is married and has two children: Alexis, 23; KC, 15; and a spoiled dog named River! Shannon is most proud of being Mercedes-Benz Certified since 2009. 

    We are very happy to have her on the MB team! 

  • Kris McCray
    Parts Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Kris joined our team in January 2020. He is from Fayetteville, N.C. Kris is responsible for assisting service advisors with completing estimates for clients. He also assists technicians with finding the correct parts and fluids to complete jobs. Kris wanted a chance to learn and grow with the brand. He took a chance and landed the opportunity of a lifetime. He enjoys how everyone is so helpful and quick to help if he needs it. 

    Outside of work, Kris enjoys writing, recording, and preforming original music. He likes to skate and enjoy new experiences. Kris takes pride in his son, Kamren; Niece, Kaydence; and dog, Bando. Something interesting abou tKris is that he commutes from Fayetteville to Durham daily. He is also a pretty well-known artist in his hometown. 

    Kris's favorite vehicle is the 2017 S 550. We are happy to have Kris on our team! 

  • Krystina Wurthmann
    Parts Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

  • Reza Bazrgarzadeh
    Parts Delivery Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Reza joined our team in February 2020. He is from Iran. He enjoys his position because he delivers parts when needed, and is always happy to assist the team so everyone can achieve goals. Reza wanted to be part of the team because he wanted to take this career path to achieve his personal goals. Everyone is so friendly and they always offer assistance when needed. 

    Outside of work, Reza enjoys cooking, reading, and watching movies. His favorite Mercedes-Benz vehicle is the GLE 63 S. We are happy to have Reza on our team! 

  • Gary Kirby
    Parts Delivery Specialist
    (888) 719-6983

    Every store should have a Gary Kirby on their staff. He may be part time, but the impact he's left on this world is still working full-time.

    Born in North Carolina and living in Graham, Gary has also worked in emergency services and public safety. He's worked for Aeromed and in the United States Coast Guard.

    We asked Gary to tell us something interesting interesting about himself, his answer was amazing: "I have been through several hurricanes on a small boat performing at-sea rescues. I am constructing a genealogy of hundreds of predecessors. I once dated the Jamaican ambassador to the USA's daughter. I lived on an Island for 4 years and fished and surfed the Outer Banks. I have swam alone with dolphins including a baby dolphin that was extremely curious. I have been on hundreds of rescue calls at sea and been involved in hundreds of med flights. I worked with all branches of advanced medicine in life saving ops. I worked and stayed aboard a 70 foot sailboat. I volunteered and worked after 4 different landfall hurricanes across North Carolina and Mississippi."

    Our next question is to everyone reading this. What have you done with your life?

  • John Hall
    Service Advisor
    (888) 719-6983

    John joined our team in April 2016. He has previously worked in the car industry, but wanted to be part of a luxury brand. His favorite part is working with the clients. He enjoys helping them and making sure they are fully satisfied from their visits. John also enjoys being around the other employees. We have such a fun team, and he has become close to his teammates. 

    Outside of work, John enjoys saltwater fishing. He spends all the time he can get at the coast. Fishing takes up most of his free time. John is married with four dog fur babies. We are happy to have such a knowledgeable individual on our team! 

  • Seth Williford
    Service Advisor
    (888) 719-6983

    Seth joined our team in October 2017. He was looking for a change in industry. Seth loves working with the Mercedes team, as well as our clients. Seth is a family man and loves to spend time with his wife and 2 year old daughter. We are lucky to have him on our team and is a tremendous help to our service department!

  • Jeff Carter
    Service Advisor
    (888) 719-6983

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Reconditioning Advisor
    (888) 719-6983

    Oscar joined our team in September 2020. Oscar is from Maryland, but spent most of his life in Durham, NC. Oscar started with us as an Inventory Assistant and has worked his way up to Reconditioning Advisor. He is enjoying his new path because no day is the same and the position brings many challenges that he can overcome and better himself. He wanted to join the team because he has always had an interest and passion for these vehicles. He enjoys being part of the team because everyone has always been so supportive. 

    Outside of work, Oscar enjoys playing video games, tennis, and lacrosse. He also enjoys spending time with his friends. His family and friends are very important to him because they have always kept him motivated. Something interesting about Oscar is that he can eat an entire pizza on his own. 

    Oscar's favorite vehicle is the C43 AMG. We are happy to have him on the team! 

  • Brandon Zylowski
    Service Assistant
    (888) 719-6983

  • Heather Garrett
    Warranty Administrator
    (888) 719-6983

    Heather joined our team in March 2020. She is from Houston, TX. She enjoys her position as the Warranty Administrator because she gets to submit warranty claims and play around with numbers. Heather loves the energy at Mercedes-Benz of Durham. She loves her teammates and how energetic and caring they are. 

    Outside of work, heather enjoys reading, dancing, and hiking. She enjoys spending time with her husband, children, grand-children, and fur babies! Heather prides herself in being able to read people's energy. 

    Heather's favorite vehicle is the AMG GTR. We are happy to have her on our team! 

  • Matt Logan
    Shop Foreman
    (888) 719-6983

    Matt joined the Mercedes-Benz of Durham team when the doors opened in October of 2014 as a Technician, and has recently been promoted into our Shop Foreman position. Matt has been a team player from day one, and it was a natural fit for him.

    Matt was born and raised here in North Carolina, leaving for a short time to go to school in Texas. He's a huge NC State fan, but his number one priority is his family. When Matt's not here helping the team and turning wrenches, he's spending as much time with his family as he can, because one of his greatest joys is watching his nieces and nephews grow up.

  • Doug Benton
    (888) 719-6983

    Doug is a golfing enthusiast, to the point of obsession, some might say. 

    Recently, Doug joined the Mercedes-Benz of Durham team in the Joe Lomax charity golf tournament hosted by Micheal and Son. We all got to witness to power of his pink shirt first hand. His golf game was OK, too.

    Doug's primary role as the internal technician is to service any pre-owned vehicles before they hit the lot for sale. There is tremendous value in having someone dedicated to this position, and Doug is the perfect person for the job.

    When Doug isn't at work, he's probably enjoying a concert or cheering on his favorite teams. He's a huge fan of Penn State, Duke and the Tennessee Titans. But most of all, Doug loves golf.

    The Gullwing is his favorite car. He loves the movie star vibe and appeal. 

    Doug also loves golf.

  • Denis Germanowski
    (888) 719-6983

    Denis joined our team in January 2015. His favorite part of being a technician is working with the people and vehicles. Specifically, Denis is very good at working with our Sprinter and Metris vehicles. 

    Outside of work, Denis enjoys listening to techno music and spending time with his family. Denis has two horses and 2 dogs that take up much of his time. He has also been married to his wife Cathy for 24 years now. We are happy to have Denis on our team. 

  • Dylan Hansbarger
    (888) 719-6983

    Dylan joined our team in December 2018. He is from Roanoke, VA. Dylan was looking to move somewhere new, and landed here! He enjoys fixing and diagnosing vehicles. Dylan enjoys coming to work and being around his teammates daily. 

    Outside of work, Dylan enjoys going to live music events as much as possible. He loves spending time with his adopted cat. His favorite vehicle is the E63. We are happy to have Dylan on our team! 

  • T.J. Crowder
    (888) 719-6983

    T.J. joined our team at the opening of our store in October 2014. He was just finishing up school and this opening seemed like the best opportunity for him. T.J. really enjoys figuring out the service issues of our vehicles and repairing them.

    Outside of work T.J. enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also doesn't mind just sleeping. T.J.'s biggest accomplishment is graduating with a 3.7 GPA and a 98% attendance rate, all while working 12 hour days 5 night a week.

    We are happy to have T.J. working on the best vehicles. 

  • Cameron Miller
    (888) 719-6983

    Cameron joined our team in June 2015. Cameron enjoys working on the vehicles. He likes taking things apart and putting them back together. Cameron also enjoys working with the other technicians and the rest of our team. 

    Outside of work, Cameron surprisingly doesn't do much except for work on the six other cars he personally has. When he is not spending all of his time doing that, he is sleeping or playing video games. Cameron's biggest accomplishment is receiving his Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences, and then further getting his Automotive Certificate. 

  • Bryan Dominguez
    (888) 719-6983

    Bryan joined our team in September 2018. Bryan is from Mexico City, Mexico. He enjoys repairing vehicles and making sure he services the vehicle to the best of his ability. He enjoys knowing the client is happy with the service provided. Bryan appreciates the Hendrick culture and knowing his experienced teammates will guide him through any problem vehicle when needed. 

    Bryan's girlfriend, Ajay, is very special to him. He appreciates how she is always there to lift his spirits when he has had a long day. Outside of work, Bryan enjoys working on cars and playing video games. Something interesting about Bryan is that he is ambidextrous. 

    His favorite vehicle is the C 43. We are happy to have Bryan on our team! 

  • Rob Burke
    (888) 719-6983

    Rob joined our team in April 2018. He is from Durham, NC. Rob always wanted to work for Mercedes-Benz since his first vehicle was a Mercedes-Benz. He enjoys fixing vehicles and figuring out solutions to the problems. Rob enjoys working with his supportive teammates daily. 

    In his spare time, Rob enjoys cooking, traveling, and playing video games. We are happy to have Rob on our team! 

  • Jeff Wallace
    (888) 719-6983

    Jeff joined our team in October 2017. He is from Raleigh, N.C. The culture that Hendrick Automotive Group believes in made him want to pursue a career with the brand. Before working for Mercedes-Benz he worked for Cadillac Hummer in Cary, NC. Jeff loves meeting our clients and forming friendships with them. He enjoys diagnosing and fixing vehicles right the first time. He also enjoys spending time on challenging problem vehicles. He loves his team because everyone cares so much about one another and are always there when you need them. 

    Outside of work Jeff runs a small ammo company and enjoys competitive shooting. He loves spending time with his two girls; Marler ,4, Stella, 2, and wife of 10 years. Jeff's biggest accomplishments have been becoming a master tech with Mercedes-Benz since 2015, GM master, and being state champion for USPSA limited division in 2017. 

    Jeff's favorite vehicle is the SL AMG Black Series. We are happy to have Jeff on our team! 

  • Robert Comerford
    (888) 719-6983

    Rob joined our team in October of 2018. He had a drive to learn about the Mercedes-Benz brand, and navigate through the dealership world. Rob's favorite part of being a technician is the ability to problem solve and specifically enjoys dealing with the motor of a vehicle. 

    Outside of work Rob enjoys driving to Jacksonville, NC to hang out with his family and friends. He spends a lot of his spare time fixing his 1990 Nissan 300ZX and going to Emerald Isle. One of Rob's greatest accomplishments is graduating from NASCAR Tech. He is also very happy he has the opportunity to be a technician for Mercedes-Benz. "I would've never thought I'd be here today."

    We are happy to have Rob apart of a wonderful team of technicians. 

  • Jose Bonilla
    (888) 719-6983

    Jose joined our team in February 2019. He initially joined our team to expand his knowledge and experience on the brand. He was pleasantly surprised to see the computer and electrical field in the automotive business has advanced so quickly. Jose was excited to be able to work with the latest and greatest technology in the automotive industry. 

    Outside of work, Jose enjoys power lifting whenever he has the spare time. He also enjoys taking his two pups, Athena and Artemis, out to the lake. His pups take up a lot of his time and they just turned one year old! 

    We are happy we have Jose on our team! 

  • Kyle Phillips
    (888) 719-6983

    Kyle joined our team in March 2020. He is from Taylorsville, NC. He enjoys working with cars and fixing them. He always seems to learn something new and stays busy. Kyle wanted to join the Mercedes-Benz of Durham team because he had an interest in Mercedes and wanted to train through the Mercedes-Benz Drive Program. He truly enjoys the team because they are all helpful and full of knowledge. 

    Outside of work, Kyle enjoys going to concerts. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelly, and dog, Apollo. Kyle's favorite vehicle is the AMG GTR. We are happy to have him on our team! 

  • Eric Simpson
    (888) 719-6983

    Eric joined our team in April 2020. He is from Kill Devil Hills, NC. He has a passion for maintaining and repairing Mercedes-Benz vehicles. He joined the team thanks to multiple referrals from teammates. He has loved working with the teammates because they are so friendly and welcoming. 

    Outside of work, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelle, and step sons, Mikhail and Austin. Interestingly enough, Eric builds custom motorcycles. 

    His favorite Mercedes-Benz vehicle is the E 63 Wagon. We are happy to have Eric on our team! 

  • Justin Smith
    (888) 719-6983

    Justin joined our team in December 2020. He is from Roxboro, NC. Justin has a passion for working on vehicles. He started his journey with Mercedes-Benz a while ago and had to move from one side of NC to the other. He knew he wanted to continue working with the brand, so he decided to join the Mercedes-Benz of Durham team. He enjoys being a technician because there is always something new to learn no matter how much experience the individual has. As soon as Justin started with Mercedes-Benz of Durham, he quickly learned that everyone is family and is always there to help. 

    In his spare time, Justin enjoys spending time outdoors. He especially enjoys fishing. He also has a dog named Riley that he loves spending time with. Justin has learned self-discipline very quickly. He takes pride in his hard work and dedication that helped him lose 70 pounds in 6 months! 

    Justin's favorite Mercedes-Benz vehicle is the AMG GT Coupe. We are happy to have Justin on our team! 

  • Michael Robinson
    (888) 719-6983

  • Christian Aguirre
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  • Jay Moore
    (888) 719-6983