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You're not just a Mercedes-Benz driver, you're part of the family. 

Explore Program Details for the Mercedes-Benz First Class Lease®

If you've been considering a new Mercedes-Benz lease in Durham or Raleigh, then you're already on your way to driving a brand-new luxury car for way less than you might think.

While there are both perks and downsides to leasing--as there are with buying--luxury-car leasing is growing in popularity every year, as more and more North Carolina drivers choose to take advantage of special offers and incentives on Mercedes-Benz leasing.

Learn about the Mercedes-Benz lease program here:

Option 1: Upgrade Your Lease
Let our experts help you move from your current lease to a new Mercedes-Benz, complete with the latest technology and safety features.

Even if you still have time left on your lease and didn't purchase your lease from us, you could be eligible to take advantage of our Loyalty Accelerator Program. We want you to remain a member of the Mercedes-Benz of Durham family, and that could mean saving time and money at the end of your current lease.

Option 2: Extend Your Lease
You may not quite be ready to hand over your keys. That's fine with us. Mercedes-Benz of Durham is here to help keep you rolling in your favorite ride.

Our experts will take care of the paperwork to help keep you in your vehicle for up to an additional six-months. Buyer is responsible for outstanding payments, excessive mileage used, excessive wear and use and other end-of-term obligations.

Option 3: Purchase Your Vehicle
If you're not ready to say goodbye to your vehicle, Mercedes-Benz of Durham can help you purchase your lease today. You can even take advantage of any special financing offered through Mercedes-Benz Financial.

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First Class Lease® Term Options

Your lease starts with deciding on a term--this is where the flexibility starts. You can opt for a lease term as short as 24 months or as long as 60 months. Since the cost of your Mercedes-Benz lease is linked to the term of the lease and the pace of depreciation, a shorter lease will often cost more per month than a longer lease.

First Class Lease® Mileage Limit Options

Choosing your expected annual mileage is another way that your Mercedes-Benz lease can be incredibly flexible. If you have a short commute, carpool often, and don't have plans for any big road trips, you can choose a lease mileage as low as 7,500 miles per year: this can bring your payments down to a very affordable number, and could be a smart idea for younger lessees or students. However, if you love to travel and want to give yourself a lot of room to move, you can choose a lease mileage limit as high as 30,000 miles per year or more. We can be flexible, and can work to meet your needs.

Become a Leasing Expert

Explore our online Mercedes-Benz leasing resources to learn more about the program; about the benefits of leasing vs buying; about your lease-end options and financing opportunities; and about why leasing a Mercedes-Benz in Durham may be the best way to drive a luxury car.